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Invention ... is the chance to set free the yearning for creation that lies within each of us. The powerful almost inescapable impulse provoking our inner child in a game of dare: A dare to improve the shapes and forms of this world. The pursuit for functional elegance. The lure for pioneer thought. A constructive step. An accomplishment.
ABOUT: Rayflectar

Rayflectar Graphics was a digital illustration company specializing in patent drawings and photorealistic computer rendering (virtual photography) between 2000 and 2009. Currently, this website serves as a placeholder (or gallery site) for samples of the works of Thomas An.
ABOUT: ThomasAn.

Thomas An. was the lead technical illustrator at Rayflectar specializing in Rhino3D, Adobe Illustrator, and Maxwell Render. Holds a bachelors with honors in General Engineering technology (technical applications track) from the University of Delaware and the equivalent of minor in Computer Science from courses taken at CU Boulder. Has several patents of his own. Worked as an Avionics technician until 2013 along the US Army; with a tour to Afghanistan. Please visit ( for more information.
Thomas An. Sketch
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